Once upon a time, in a land  where rock and roll was banned, there came to be a virus and it swept through all the land.  It was so infectious no one could escape it...no oner could resist. A generation went astray. No cure could be found.  The older folk, especially the top ranking officials,  sadly  shook their heads as they watched the youth of the land making guitars, dancing, holding hands, twisting and shouting, singing "yeah yeah yeah" and having loads of fun.

Well, just about everyone knows there are two kinds of viruses, one that is good and one that is bad. One will keep you healthy, happy and smiling and the other will  make you sick,  feeling miserable and sadly opressed. The unfriendly uptight BLUE MEANIE strain is to be avoided at all costs. The 'YEAH YEAH VIRUS', like acidopholous (friendly bacteria) , will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise...well, at least, healthy.

Doctor Yury recomends, to all his patients: "Take two doses of rock and roll, stir in some shakes, add a sprig of twists and shouts, and if that don't do it, call me in the morning".

As for the YEAH YEAH VIRUS, one thing is certainr: a splendid time is guaranteed for al who catch it and of course Henry the Horse really does do   the waltz... er, actually, we believe he might be doing  the watusi now. No matter, he's still having fun!





















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